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CEVNI and ICC tests

This is an additional qualification on an ICC. If you already hold an ICC, the upgrade is free from the RYA.

You are reminded that you need to have a CEVNI certificate to be the helmsman on European waterways, usually from the first lock or other defined point in an estuary.
Ouistreham - Caen or up the Vilaine river are just 2 examples that spring to mind when thinking of our cruising grounds.
We can only carry these out for Topsl members.  You will need to have studied the following book, from which the questions are taken (there are other sources,  if preferred e.g. internet sites):
RYA  European Waterways regulations. 
Product Code: G17
ISBN: 9780954730109
Our price: £6.99
RYA member price: £5.94   (Amazon £5.49)
I also have some of my own notes but , of course, it is the creation of the notes that provides the best learning experience.
Format of Cevni Test:
1. In our case there will be about 20 minutes of coaching / discussion.

2. The test consists of 14 multi-guess questions, mostly symbols to identify. This does not take long.

3. Cost £20

International Certificate of Competence. This document is required if you in charge or helming in European National waters. It is the ONLY recognised document. Your Yachtmaster or other practical Certificate does not count in this regard. We can undertake these ICC tests, (only applicable to those who do not already hold any other RYA practical certificate). It is great stepping stone for crewmembers that wish to become TOPSL skippers.