Jocalia Guide

  Deck Saloon Cabins Engine Heads

The Gori Prop

There are 3 positions as the prop twists in 2 different directions as well as folding

The propeller's overdrive function should only be used when motoring or motor sailing over distance in fair weather - ie smooth seas. Revs are lowered with increased blade angle but the prop then has greater susceptibility to shock damage.

To select overdrive: reverse the boat and select forward throttle while the boat is still moving backwards. With the throttle left in the forward position, the boat will slow, stop and then move forward with the blade angle staying constant.

To select Normal: while going forward, place throttle from forward to neutral, to fold the prop, then back to forward again.

You will see that normal marina manoeuvring will probablytake you through the gears but at those speeds and revs you will probably not notice and it should be of no concern.


Shore Lines

Skippers must inspect the securing of Jocalia which occassionally is tied up incorrectly. Note that if a line is attached to an offside bow cleat, it may move off the rubbing strip when the boat moves with wind or tide.

Overnight on a Buoy

To avoid chafe you might stow the anchor as shown on the right: it is in the locker, resting on a fender with the stock tied to the windlass, to avoid deck damage. The main buoy rope on the left will not now rub against the anchor and the freed roller allows for a back up line.

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