Gas Bubble Detector
This device has been installed in the gas lockers, close to the gas bottles themselves. It replaces the LPG detection element of the Dualwatch device, but works rather differently, as described below

These gas detectors work by simply diverting any gas flow into the integral observation chamber whilst the red cap is depressed; if any gas is flowing, either intentionally or as a leak, bubbles will appear in the oil filled observation chamber. When the red cap is released, gas flow reverts to normal and bypasses the chamber.
Below is the gist of the procedure - please refer to the instructions (left onboard) for the precise method.
With the gas bottle and the cooker already turned off, select the gas supply near the cooker to ON.
Slowly open the gas tap at the bottle - SLOWLY.
After 10 seconds, depress and hold down the RED cap for 60 seconds. If no bubbles are seen, the system does not have a leak. Our gas specialist advises that discretion may be used regarding the RED cap hold down period - he recommends any period longer than about 10 seconds.
NOTE: if the boat has been left for a long period, it is possible for a couple of bubbles to be seen. In this case, release the RED cap and wait 10 seconds before carrying out a further test.

Please be aware that this device only detects gas leakage whenever the above test procedure is carried out - it does not provide continuous detection, nor any audible warning.