Carina Guide

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Swinging Keel










The keel weighs a ton and the plate two tons. When fully up or fully down it is watertight but in between, water can seep through into the casing if the sea is a bit rough - then any heel or rocking will allow some into the bilge.

The right hand picture shows that care must be taken in choosing ground to dry out on - there is a skeg under the prop but it is vulnerable to the sides. The MaxProp does not have an overdrive function but needs slow throttle movement from forward to reverse, and vice versa, to give the blades time to twist.


The bow thruster anode has to checked twice a year because it tends to dissolve around the bolt first, leaving a polo shape which then comes away.

Note that the stern shows two streaks of dirt - one from the heater exhaust and to starboard, one from the fuel vent, after refuelling. Something to keep clean, before it stains.


Carina is 4in wider than Lacerta but as you can see, there is plenty of room if FourTop is berthed parallel to its pontoon without too much slack.


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