Maintaining our boats



Maintaining a boat alone can be dauntingly time consuming
but when there are many hands to share the work - there's more time for sailing!

The club draws on a wealth of technical knowledge, expertise and goodwill from amongst its members.

Maintenance of the fleet is all important and a high standard is met. Each yacht has a dedicated bosun and deputy who take on the overall responsibility for making sure all is in good working order. There are always jobs to be done, whether its installing new equipment, modifying this and that or just making sure minor repairs are carried out. At Port Solent there are just about all the professional yacht services to call upon for those major jobs that are outside the skills of our teams.

In the weeks prior to the start of a new season, the bosuns organise work sessions for each boat, any member may join in. Ideal for those who want to be involved and wish to extend their technical knowledge but have limited time available. Although there's work to be done, there's lots of camaraderie and ideas floated back and forth for future sailing trips.

As soon as maintenance is complete the boats are stripped out and given a thorough deep clean: from then on its the responsibility of individual skippers to make sure at the end of each trip the boat is cleaned both above and below decks and left safely secured ready for the next crew.

In line with the Tops'l ethos that all are part owners of the boats, skippers and crew have the responsibility of helping to keep the fleet ship shape. They must mend anything they break whilst sailing (within their capabilities) or if it's not possible to do so contact the bosun and next person taking out the boat. Should a fender or any such piece of equipment escape during sailing - it must be replaced at their expense. Skippers also have the responsibility to brief inexperienced crew before sailing on such things as how the 'heads' work. Unblocking loos is not something the bosuns are happy to sort out and its pretty costly if specialists are called in!