Tops'l Membership Costs
Joining Costs
Minimum of 600 shares - purchased outright

or by paying a -
Joining Fee
plus installments
over 2 years

Share Price £2.85
to AGM 2019
Redeemable shares attract a proportionate annual sailing discount and
must be held for a minimum period of 5 years (see below)
£300 +
monthly payment

non-returnable but included in share purchase after 2 year

It is hoped all members will aspire towards at least an average shareholding (see below)

£24 monthly
£34.50 monthly
Family & Friends supplement
£7 monthly
Member's family & friends may sail
(members' children & grandchildren under 18 free, other children £13/day)
Sailing Charges
Dufour 380
£52 daily
per person, before discount (minimum crew 3)
Hallberg Rassy 36
£52 daily
per person, before discount (minimum crew 3)
Southerly 110
£52 daily
per person, before discount (minimum crew 3)
Covers fuel and gas costs
Family Exclusive
Exclusive use of yacht for up to 6 persons, before discount

It is Tops'l policy to purchase top quality yachts which are regularly replaced; this is reflected in the charges, set so that members may both enjoy and maintain high standards by covering costs together with the effects of depreciation and inflation

Shares: The minimum requirement for a members holding is 600. Members' shareholdings vary considerably and in most cases are very much dependant on individual circumstances and usage of the club. For instance, the average holding of a skipper is in the region of 2500. Fairness is achieved through an annual shareholder discount. The more a member invests the more discounted sailing he/she may enjoy each season. After a period of five years shares may be redeemed at the price applicable at the time but most of our members tend to stay in the club for much longer and those who have the means to, build on their holding and so benefit from the reduced sailing rate. Some members just aren't able to sail enough to use up their vouchers and for others, vouchers are often an incentive to acquire more shares. Tops'l relies on the continued financial support from it's members for the purchase of new boats and for keeping equipment up to date. The small fleet of superb well built boats are testament to our enthusiasm for sailing the Tops'l way! Normal practice is to replace boats after ten years of club use.

The discount is in the form of Annual Sailing Vouchers: Each block of 100 fully paid for shares attracts one voucher to be used during the year of issue and may not be carried forward. One voucher per person per day reduces the daily sailing cost by £13. A member may use them for anyone in his/her crew. Quite simply, for every day paid for, you may use a voucher for yourself, your family if over 18years, friends (all must be nominated) and guests. You may also use them when you book ‘family exclusive’ (see below ) The same applies in the UK during winter months (November to March) when two consecutive days are charged as one and one voucher may be used.

When members wish to increase their shareholding, additional blocks of shares may be bought either outright in which case vouchers are issued immediately, or by taking part in the monthly Share Save Scheme and then for each block of paid for shares,vouchers are issued in the following January.

NB If the alternative joining option is taken and shares are paid for in installments within the stipulated period, the joining fee will be incorporated into the transaction towards its end and vouchers will then be issued.

All shares must be held for a minimum period of five years and in the event that a member resigns before his/her shares have fulfilled this period of time from date of issue, they may not be redeemed until the stipulated time has passed, other than in exceptional circunstances, at the discretion of the directors.

Subscription: There is a low subscription which is paid monthly and in the first instance all join as crew. For a small additional monthly supplement a 'family and friends option' is available. All must be nominated on an easily amended list. Member's children and grandchildren under 18 years sail free, other children £13 per day. Close family members may sail with other than the nominated member (discuss with membership secretary).

Sailing Charges: Based on a berth/day concept. A member books a berth rather than the whole boat so the individual charge is the same whether three persons or more are on board.

Engine Charges: these cover the cost of fuel, gas and maintenance and are charged per hour of use shared by the crew. Skippers refuel when necessary and are reimbursed.

Other Costs: Skippers and crew share the away from base berthing and of course food and drink during the trip. Insurance excess min. £450+ excess depending on sailing area - shared by the crew in the event of an incident.