Tops'l Technical

New Gas and Smoke detectors

Gas and CO detection now done with a Gas Bubble Detector (by bottle), a Gas Detector (Cabin) and a Smoke/Co detector

Engine cooling water inlet seacock – Ensure open at the beginning of your trip and leave open when leaving the boat – streamers have been attached to the seacock to show closure for maintenance. Check water from exhaust after start.

Change of Impeller cover: pump face plates have been changed to “Speedseal Life” type.

shows use and (loseable) components

Refuelling: 60%/40% propulsion/domestic split to be used. All UK vendors (except Premier) require a declaration when refuelling.
ADD Fuelset or Soltron additive at start of refueling if required - eg not at Port Solent

Please affix receipts for payments and quantities of fuel to the Log as you may be asked for them, even in UK. Do compare engine hours since refueling with fuel gauge readings - not all boats carry a spare fuel can (fill with white diesel if carried).

Elfida Technical Self Briefing:
Picture Guide
Owners Manual

Radio - RAY 49e (MMSI: 2350 97639 c/s 2GII6)


Autohelm Control

Helm Instruments

Cabin Heater

Check List
Technical Notes

Current Tech Log See Copy

Cruise RPM 1800 to 2300 (Max RPM 3200)

If Outboard taken - remember petrol can and if the 4 stroke outboard carried - the 'Kill Cord'.

Jocalia Technical Self Briefing:
HR 36 Manual
Radio Quick Guide
Radio Manual (MMSI: 2350 08762 c/s VQJG5)
Engine Manual
Check List & reference sheet
- - - -

Cruise RPM 1700 to 2200 (Max RPM 2700)
Slab reefing - hooks and lines operated at the mast

• Has 2-stroke Outboard

• At sea, secure spare halyards to webbing on mast and on leaving the boat, run them forward to the pulpit.

Carina Technical Self Briefing:
PICTURE GUIDE (including Gennaker)
Radio: IC-M243 (MMSI: 2350 77481 C/S 2DBF8)
Tops'l Operating Notes
Check List & reference sheet

Stowage Plan & List

or Quick Reference

Current Tech Log See Copy

Cruise RPM 2300 to 2800 (Max RPM 3300 )

• If Outboard taken - remember petrol can and if the 4 stroke outboard carried - the 'Kill Cord'.

Other Info :
Cruising Chute
- YM guide to use
Charts - what's on board
Oil Change
general guide
Radar Course Manual Background material for Tops'l Radar Day
Garmin 276C Chart Plotter
Fire Extinguishing and Escape
The Boat Safety Scheme Essential Guide
Fire Safety for Boats Written for canal boats but has several useful tips
This document shows the Red Diesel accord between the RYA and Customs. Also carry the EEC translation . . . .
Solent Coastguard Chat mmsi 002320011